The Author’s List of Useful Links for Money-Saving


I love these links for finding travel deals and am personally subscribed to YYZ deals.

For instance, here’s the most current YYZ flight deal as of August 8th, 2020.


YYZ Deals –

YYC Deals –

YVR Deals –


Reddit is a great space to find all sorts of niche communities, including money-saving enthusiasts. Here’s a subreddit I recommend to follow:

Personal Finance Canada


I love a good deal, I mean, who doesn’t right? Here are some links I use for finding great deals:


  • Neuvoo Tax Calculator: use this for calculating after-tax earnings every time I move to a new province/city and whenever I start a new job.

If you know any additional helpful resources, feel free to reach out to us so we can share them.


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