The Author’s List of Useful Links for Money-Saving


Travel I love these links for finding travel deals and am personally subscribed to YYZ deals. For instance, here’s the most current YYZ flight deal as of August 8th, 2020. YYZ Deals – YYC Deals – YVR Deals – Information/News Reddit is a great space to find all sorts of niche communities, … Read more

ETF Comparison Review: SPXS vs SPXU


This review will be comparing and contrasting the benefits and features of SPXS vs SPXU. SPXS and SPXU are publicly traded leveraged ETFs used for shorting the S&P 500. These ETFs are hugely used for speculating against the market. Furthermore, they can provide substantial returns in a downturn—both ETFs focus on providing a 300% inverse … Read more

How to Become an Actuary?

For most college and university students looking for a respectable career and lucrative career, the actuarial profession is a great industry to keep an eye out for! In this article, I will speak a little about the industry and the traditional path to guarantee yourself a job in this career. What might be the actuarial … Read more